Workshops for every purpose.

We can provide a variety of workshop types for all clients, from corporate to educational and community groups. Some examples of these can be seen below. If you require a workshop tailored to your specific needs please get in touch as we have a flexible approach.

Free Lego® Workshops

Mystery Box Workshops

Probably our most popular workshop. Each participant or group are given a mystery box containing a mystery minifigure. They are then challenged to plan and create a fantasy island or stronghold for that minifigure and are given specific parts to accompany it, as well as a supply of standard workshop building parts. Suitable for all ages this works well with children and adults working together as well as a child only activity.

'Stained Glass' Workshop

Ideal for Light Night type events our ‘Stained Glass’ workshop provides participants with a chance to create their own mini stained glass windows using translucent Lego® parts. These are then fitted into Gothic style window frames to create windows similar to those found in churches. These are then back-lit by our powerful photography lights to give the full stained glass effect. Suitable for all ages and works great as a drop in workshop.

Bridge Building workshop image

Bridge Building Workshops

Big Bridge build workshop – What is the strongest type of bridge? Can it handle the weight? Participants design and create a bridge to handle a large vehicle and heavy weights….which may test their bridge to destruction! This workshop teaches STEM skills and team building as well as creativity. Suitable for age 6+.

Mini Bridge build workshop – Can you build the most creative mini bridge wide enough for a minifigure to cross? This workshop encourages creativity as well as an understanding of bridge types. Suitable for all ages.

tower building workshops image

Tower Building Workshops

Create a level of a high rise tower to whatever theme you like? Individual or team activity to create a utopian high rise or a tower of power! Suitable for ages 6+.

Racetrack workshop image

Race Track Workshops

Create your own vehicles to race along a track or on the flat using pull back motors then see who can achieve the greatest distance! Suitable for all ages.

Speed Building workshops image

Speed Building Workshops

Fastest fingers in the world? Take part in a series of speed building challenges as individuals or groups and see if you can beat the BrickBox experts! Suitable for all ages.

Moonbase workshop lunar lander

Big City/Space Station Workshops

Are you a wannabe city planner? Then build part of the city of your dreams or the space station of the future. Good for group participation and suitable for ages 6+.

mosaic workshop image

Mosaic Workshops

Create tiled mosaics like the Romans made or maybe an 8 bit homage or even just a funky pattern using multiple Lego® pieces. Suitable for all ages.

Mini Mini Crazy Golf Workshop

Mini Mini Crazy Golf.

Create a hole for an amazing mini crazy golf course for mini figures to play on. Build individual holes right through to a full course. Suitable for ages 6+.

build together workshop image

Build Together Workshops

Learn to build better with your child…and hopefully your child will learn too! A workshop to encourage teamwork between adults and children. Suitable for all ages.

Adult Lego workshops image

Adult Workshops

Find your inner child and learn how Lego has changed, how you can build better and how you can use it to de-stress. Age 16+.

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